The fan of machinery that goes instrumented with tyres OTR (‘off the road’) is very extensive as practically each application and use has a type of vehicle specifically developed to cover the requirements of this work. On the other hand, the design of this machinery experiences year after year continuous improvements to adapt to some increasingly skilled works. This involves, explains Moses Lozano, manager of tyres OTR of Goodyear Dunlop Iberia, that the machinery was contrived for specific uses inside concrete applications, what to his time comports that the tyres have to adjust to each one of them to provide the suitable performance.

Goodyear has of an extensive range of tyres for public works, that are englobados inside the tyres for out of road (OTR – off the road), inside this designation have pneumatics for the sector of the construction and the public work, the minería to open sky and the minería subterranean, as well as for port applications, industrial applications, recycling and mobile cranes. Basically any tyre that his use involve the work out of the road.



The machinery OTR and his tyres

Sector construction and public work

  • Wheel loaders, that can find so much in a plant of concrete as in a quarry
  • Retropalas, as it schemes multipurpose inside a work
  • ADT, are the dúmperes articulated also called ‘lizards’ by his capacity to adapt to the accidents of the terrain and that use for big movements of earth.

Minería To open sky

  • Is here where find the heaviest machinery and bulky, the imponentes RDT (dumper rigid) that mount pneumatics of until llanta of 63” with some capacities of surprising load
  • In this segment also can find excavator and wheel loaders of big dimensions.

Industrial applications

  • In the steelworks, find wheel loaders, that to exert his work of ideal form need so much of a special compound with delay to the fire like the use of chain of steel, because of the so severe conditions in which they work.

Minería Subterranean

  • Here find us with the ‘mini-truck’ and shovels adapted in height to be able to work inside the galleries, that in spite of his size reduced, are a machinery of big power and thought for work very severe.

Port applications

  • ReachStacker, will find Them in port terminals and have capacities of apilamiento of until 8 containers vacios in height and six full. Podrian Elevate the trailer of a truck trailer without any complication.
  • Straddle Carries And Shuttle Loaders, can see them in the port terminals, with capacities of apilar until four containers in height and to realizar liftings of until 50.000 kg, some of them are able to transport until two containers simultaneously (use in Twin).

Speak us of his functions and qualities.

They have to have capacity to transport the load, provide capacity amortiguación, transmit traction and capacity of braked, contribute hold and stability, be durable and insurance and consume the minimum power and ensure the performance.

In the first place the type of construction, where each detail is important: heels, flanks, carcasa… Also have to consider the materials put that they are key because they have to bear the loads and fatigues and contribute the hold adapted. Another point to take into account is the design of the band of rolling, with appearances like the type of drawing and depth.

The pneumatics Goodyear RM-4To+ of the measure 59/80R63 reaches a diameter of more than four metres, the height of an African elephant.
Every time prime more the production in the exploitations. The machines every time are bigger, heavier, faster, and manipulate and transport more load. However, in the majority of the cases, the measures of the tyres are the same. Thus, there is a continuous investigation to develop new materials in his construction: composed of rubber very concrete, structures adapted to each application, reinforcements and specific drawings with capacity of traction, resistance to arrancamientos and faculty to dissipate in heat generated in the cycle of work. It has to have a perfect balance between all they so that the tyre was efficient.
When treating of tyres for industrial applications, the first requirement is the hygiene. After this point, the user what requires is a suitable time cost during the life of the tyre and the maximum possible performance, for with this can have the tranquility that his machinery will be always prepared to work. Here the service postventa is a big value added that receives the customer. In the moment of the election of one or another model, the technical personnel of Goodyear advises to the user that pneumatics adecua more to his type of work and use to put the correct tyre in the correct use.

The construction and the public work is an important part of the tyres OTR, but fortunately is not the only. When working in different sectors of economic activity (port, minería, recycling…) The dependency of the construction has not been so critical as in other industries. The manufacture realizar with a global vision, by what the effect of the Spanish market does not have a severe effect in the planning production of our factories.

The design of these tyres goes to the same rhythm that the evolution in the new machinery, increasingly powerful and more adapted. Goodyear Is a company leader in innovation and will continue with developments increasingly adapted to the uses of the different machinery to be able to offer to our customers the best provision and performance in the most severe conditions.

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