ADR Transportation

ADR Transportation

We offer transportation services for ADR goods in maximal safe conditions and in compliance with the laws in force. We transport goods in specially equipped trucks agreed with the authorities of the Republic of Moldova and Europe, so, the goods are transported according to the territorial standards considered as special dangerous transportation. For such types of transportation drivers are to be trained, instructed and attested in compliance with the rules of each country.


Mihai ONEA 

Logistics Manager

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ADR Type of Goods Dangerous goods are those substances that due to their physical and chemical nature could provoke personal injuries, environmental damage, etc. According to ADR, goods have the following classes of danger: Class 1: explosive substances and objects Class 2: gases Class 3: inflammable liquids Class 4.1: inflammable solid substances, self-reactive substances and explosive substances, desensitized solid substances Class 4.2: substances that ignite spontaneously Class 4.3: substances that if contacted with water extract inflammable gases Class 5.1: oxidizing agents Class 5.2: organic peroxides Class 6.1: toxic substances Class 6.2: infectious substances Class 7: radioactive substances Class 8: corrosive substances Class 9: different dangerous substances and objects
We offer

We can offer (within the limits of our possibility and availability of ADR vehicles on the requested routes) competitive tariffs for goods transportation for export and import to and from such countries as Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Romania. We transport goods relying on the CMR / TIR international conventions.

We help companies to transport their goods safely and rapidly.

We transport goods since 2006.

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