Refrigerated Transportation

Refrigerated Transportation

We ensure goods transportation for the goods with the controlled temperature in express mode or in distribution mode at the national or international level of 1.5 T with the controlled temperature of cooling/heating 15°C – 25°C equipped with temperature diagram. Transportation is made at the local, national or international level. By means of refrigerated box body vehicles we transport medicaments and products that require controlled low temperature for long distances, in Moldova and abroad. We control the temperature so that any transport is to arrive in the same condition as it was at departure no matter what we transport food, medicaments or any other products that require controlled temperature for storage.


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We offer transportation services:

  • Medical / pharmaceutical / parapharmaceutical industry Controlled temperature/+25 grades | +15 grades/+25 grades
  • Congealed / Refrigerated (vegetables, fruits, meat) Controlled temperature +2 grades/+8 grades | +5
  • Sweets / Pastry Controlled temperature 0 grade/+4 grade | +2 grade/+8 grade
  • Isotherm (water, beer) Controlled temperature Controlled temperature +12 grades/+18 grades +5 grades
Reasons to choose our transportation

All the refrigerated transportation is ensured in refrigerated box body vehicles with different capacities from 20 kg to 22 tonnes equipped with air conditioning equipment and temperature diagram. The products that require controlled temperature represent a high grade of perishability. This is the reason why we provide transportation with refrigerated vehicles or Thermoking, equipped with controlled temperature, in maximal safe conditions and cleanness. We offer extremely short time for transit.

We help companies to transport their goods safely and rapidly.

We transport goods since 2006.

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